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Maverick developers expose how they built Miami’s top neighborhoods: VIDEO

Power players break down what it takes to create successful neighborhoods
Oct. 30, 2015

Some of Miami’s biggest players sat down at The Real Deal South Florida’s Real Estate Forum & Showcase to talk shop about transforming Miami’s hottest neighborhoods.

The panel, moderated by The Real Deal’s Editor-in-Chief Stuart Elliott, included Avra Jain of the Vagabond Group, Nitin Motwani of Miami Worldcenter Associates, Michael Comras of the Comras Company, Ana Codina of Codina Partners and Joseph Furst of Goldman Properties.

Call it having vision or just good business sense, these players had major roles in forming some of Miami’s most popular areas like Wynwood and Lincoln Road. They touched on the history of their respective neighborhoods, challenges involved with building them up and what each has their sights set on the the future.

Avra Jain, for instance, said she typically doesn’t get financing for deals because the properties she purchases are in such bad shape. And Furst, whose company helped mold Wynwood into what it is today, said fighting zoning restrictions has been a battle since day one.

To watch the panel from start to finish, check out the embedded video above, or go to The Real Deal‘s Youtube Page.

By Sean Stewart-Muniz

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