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Poke 305 Expands to Miami Beach and Coconut Grove

Mar. 29, 2017

Last summer, Poke 305 jumpstarted Miami's poke trend by opening a shop in downtown. Since then, a batch of other businesses opened too, including Ono Poke in Wynwood and PokeBao in Coral Gables. Now it's time for expansions, and Poke 305 leads the way.

"We're definitely excited to be expanding," Chediak says. "It seems like only yesterday that we opened up our first location. It's a step in the right direction, and we are all excited to see where this will take us."

At Poke 305, the Hawaiian seafood bowl is given a Latin touch with ingredients such as guacamole and yuca chips.

In addition to offering curated bowls, the shop also uses Chipotle’s method of ordering that allows customers to build lunch or dinner plates of their own starting at $12.95. Choose a salad, a burrito, or a bowl, served with miso soup. Bowls are filled with white rice, brown rice, or quinoa, and salads are made with a fresh spring mix. Then select a dish-defining protein such as raw tuna, raw salmon, whitefish, chicken, or shrimp. Orders can be further customized with range of mix-ins, including crunchy vegetables, Peruvian corn, and wonton chips.

Poke 305's new locations, which local real-estate agency the Comras Company helped secure, will be designed and organized in a way similar to the flagship. At 1627 Alton Rd., adjacent to the Regal cineplex, the South Beach outpost will measure 825 square feet. The Grove shop, at 3415 Main Hwy., situated between Fuller Street and McFarlane Road bordering CocoWalk, will be slightly larger.

"We identified prime locations with valuable infrastructure and moved swiftly to secure them," Comras Company's Spencer Young says. "It’s been exciting to work with them, and we look forward to helping them with further growth.”

Chediak expects to continue to expand. "Right now we'll focus our attention and resources on these upcoming projects, but more locations is a definite possibility," she says.

Clarissa Buch

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